It is a calorie counting and nutrient tracking program
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DietPower is an excellent program that allows you to record your daily exercise, food you have eaten, your weight, see if your nutrients are balanced, view your weight and calorie tallies for past days, find out if you have had enough water, etc. Also you can use many tools that will help you lose weight. It has an exercise dictionary, food dictionary, recipe box, goal setter, and a calendar where you can write your notes. It allows up to 4 people to use the program and record their personal information; you can set a password to protect the information of each user. First time you run the program or when adding a new person you have to type some personal information: sex, height, birthday and some nutrient-sensitive facts. After this, you have to introduce the actual weight, the goal weight you want to reach, and the target date you are aiming for. You can correct the budget each time you log your weight to track your metabolism or keep the budget constant per day. With the Nutrient History you can see the record information of today, past week, past month quarter, or past year.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can set your own goals to lose weight


  • Trial version works only for 15 days
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